Exquisite Dim Sum in traditional Chinese style – delivery by Swiss Post from Tuesday to Saturday. Order before 2 p.m. for delivery the following day.

YUM CHA House of Dim Sum

House of Dim Sum

Dim Sum is a popular delicacy in Cantonese cooking and food culture. YUM CHA means to enjoy tea time with some Dim Sum. We know this culture and represent it with the highest level of authenticity. Our authentic Premium Dim Sum is made according to traditional recipes by Chinese Dim Sum masters.

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  • Ha Gao

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    20 pieces / pack
    CHF 1.95 / pc.

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  • Bamboo basket

    CHF 13.00CHF 18.50 VAT incl.

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  • Xiao Long Bao

    CHF 39.00 VAT incl.

    20 pieces / pack
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  • Veggie Gao (vegan)

    CHF 39.00 VAT incl.

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Dim Sum delivery

Delivery throughout Switzerland

Order before 2 p.m. and receive your Dim Sum delivery the next day.

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Home delivery of Dim Sum

Unique authenticity

It takes years of practice to become a true Dim Sum master. It’s no wonder the preparation of Dim Sum is one of the most demanding disciplines in Chinese cuisine that only a few have mastered. The kneading of the dough along with its composition and folding technique represent, in addition to the nuances, the most important areas that must be mastered.

As one of the first suppliers of Dim Sum in Switzerland, we received the privilege of having authentic Dim Sum made by real masters. As head of the kitchen, Master Choi stands for authenticity and outstanding know-how. He started training as a Dim Sum master in the kitchens of Hong Kong as a child and has not lost his passion to this day.

Le mot du chef

If enough is not enough for whom, nothing will ever enough. But whoever knows the best will always look for it

Choi Ling

Quality thanks to deep freezing

Immediately after production, our Dim Sum is frozen at -20 ° C so as to retain their nutrients as it arrives fresh to you.

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Be a Dim Sum Master in 10 minutes

It’s that easy: Find out in our videos and with our tips and tricks how you can become a Dim Sum Master for your friends in just a few steps.

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Who we are

How the story of YUM CHA began, how the company came to be, who were involved and the philosophy we work according to.

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