How it all began

Through a shared vision, our company – YUM CHA – was created in 2014. By 2015 we began operations into the professional market. Today we have grown into a team comprising of a young, passionate and innovative workforce.

YUM CHA House of Dim Sum

How it all began

Our company was created in 2014 from a mix of courage, conviction and a shared vision. In 2015 the operative activities took place in the professional market. Today we are passionate about being a young and innovative team.

Our milestones

YUM CHA founders Oliver & Ronnie

Team & Partner

Oliver & Ronnie, founders of Yum Cha

Oliver, a former sales manager from southern Switzerland, and Ronnie, an architect from Hong Kong, met for the first time in Lucerne. Was it by accident? Both were born on the same day, both shaped by quality thinking and both driven by the same vision to found a startup. The rest is history: only through tireless work, pure passion and courage and a wealth of ideas, the SME was born.

Team YUM CHA Luzern
Team Lucerne

Regina, Oliver, Ronnie, Marco

Team Office Hong Kong
Office Hong Kong

John Lam Chi Wah & Team

Manufaktur Dim Sum
Dim Sum manufactory

Choi Ling, Lily So & Team

Goals & Claims

YUM CHA represents Cantonese culture and offers its customers premium dim sum based on traditional Chinese recipes. In order to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, we place high demands on ourselves and our business partners. As the Swiss industry leader, we are guided by international market developments and food trends. In the areas of packaging and logistics, we consider it our duty to use environmentally friendly solutions.

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Innovative & environmentally conscious

Since more products are being directly brought to the consumer and with less and less being bought over the counter, the packaging has gained great importance to us. How can the cold chain be maintained? Is the quality of the products guaranteed right up to the front door? Is the packaging informative and how do we avoid packaging nonsense? We have dealt intensively with these questions. Tough practical tests followed over the months, from the one-way system with straw and cardboard, to elegant reusable containers and specified thermo boxes for frozen food. We went for an inexpensive, convenient and environmentally sustainable packaging design, which fulfills storage, protection and transport functions

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Passionate & customer oriented

Your needs and satisfaction are the clear focus of our actions. Day to day, we work with passion in a goal-oriented manner to hone and improve our services and products and to exceed your expectations.

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